Lozère, 30th Birthday Reunion with Lilian, Hanne-Lise, Estelle, Franci & Paolo, Ewa & Régis, Eve, Elodie and Brice (May 2013)


Allauch, Wedding Party with Marion & Emmanuel (Dec. 2014)


Allauch, Weeding Party with Marie L, Anne, Thierry, Jeff, Guillaume and Martin (Dec. 2014)


Santiago, Chile, Museo Chileno de Arte Precolombino with Élodie (Aug. 2015)


Chillan, Chile, Skying with Liz, Kalle, Elyar, Paul and Daniel (Aug. 2015)


Thermas de Puyehue, Chile, Horseriding with Valérie (Nov. 2015)

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